Alarming Increase In Number of Diabetes

IAS News 24 June 2015 | 2 Comments

A lack of exercise and an abundance of sugary drinks has led to a huge increase in number of those suffering from diabetes. It has been estimated that if the rates of increase continue then by 2050 one in three people will suffer from this condition. Over time the risk of developing other complications, such as kidney failure, limb amputations or blindness, increase which is of great concern.

According to data provided by the US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, Colorado seems to be the healthiest state when it comes to number of sufferers of diabetes – with less than4% having been diagnosed. This compares to more than14% of the population in states such as South Dakota, North Carolina and Mississippi.

Diabetes causes high blood sugar levels to develop, either because the body doesn’t produce enough, or any, insulin, or because the cells aren’t responding to the insulin that is produced. The effects of diabetes include a need to pass urine more frequently, a higher thirst and an increased hunger. Other signs and symptoms include blurry eyesight, gastric complications such as nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain, lethargy, hyperventilation and breath that smells of acetone.

Out of the two types of diabetes type two is the more preventable one, as it is more often brought about by lifestyle choices, as opposed to type 1 being genetic. Keeping your weight at a reasonable level, exercising regularly and reducing your alcohol intake are all ways of helping avoid diabetes.

There are several ways to treat and control the effects of diabetes, these include using drugs such as Metformin. Metformin has been proven to reduce blood sugar levels and improve the body’s use of insulin. It works by reducing the amount of glucose produced in the liver and therefore the levels of glucose absorbed by the stomach is decreased.

To learn more about how Metformin can help control diabetes, and other age related issues read this article from Dr Ward Dean.

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  1. The food we eat is most important factor that cause diabetes. Avocation makes little difference on people. Thus may some regulations be issued on the sugar and other substance that related with diabetes to prevent more people from getting diabetes.

  2. “by 2050 one in three people will suffer from this condition.” To avoid this severe situation of diabetes, we must do something. Don’t stop at just slogan. Control your appetite for sugary drinks and other food that contribute to diabetes. Do more exercises.

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