ARMD and its effects on Dame Judi Dench’s life

IAS News 21 February 2012 | 0 Comments

Age related macular degeneration has been gaining much media exposure this week, partly because Prevent Blindness America designate February as AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month, but also because Oscar winning actress Dame Judi Dench has revealed how she is losing her sight to ARMD. ARMD is the leading cause of vision loss in people over 60, according to the National Eye Institute.

Dame Judi has explained how she is unable to read scripts anymore and describes how it is most distressing when out on an evening at a restaurant and she is unable to see the person she is having dinner with. It doesn’t have to be like this for her or the millions of others who suffer from ARMD.

Although currently there is no cure for macular degeneration a recent study in China using Dr Pierpaoli’s Melatonin Zn Se (MZS): has given hope to ARMD suffers everywhere.

Dr. Changxian Yi who led the study believes that melatonin could have the capacity to control eye pigmentation and thereby regulate the amount of light reaching the photoreceptors. Read the article and view the findings of the study here.

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