As 2013 approaches its time to think resolutions

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As 2012 comes to an end, everyone starts to think about what 2013 could hold. We at IAS believe that it is important to set targets and goals to reach in order to have something to aim for – that isn’t to say that it isn’t possible to exceed targets and expectations, but having something to start heading towards in 2013 is always useful.
Something which everyone can try and do is to be more fit and healthy in 2013 – eating right and getting more exercise is a common occurence on the New Years’ resolution list. However it isn’t all about eating right and getting the right type of exercise. It is also about ensuring that the correct nutrients and all the necessary vitamins and minerals are being absorbed into our bodies.
We mentioned last time how important vitamin D is but what about all the other letters. Our Beyond Chelation Improved is a great way of ensuring that many of the vital ingredients for a healthy body are obtained, see here for all this product contains! Also important is vitamin C, which can be found in abundance in our Bio Energy C product. Why not try one of these out in 2013?
Being healthy is also about getting the right amount of sleep throughout 2013. Our MZS, melatonin zinc-selenium, is remarkable for doing this. Sorting out your sleep pattern by simply boosting the level of this hormone, that is produced within the body.
What about sharpening your mind in 2013 as well as your body? We carry plenty of interesting products which can help with memory loss, and keep you sharp witted throughout the day. Hydergine, centrophenoxine, piracetam, and Pramiracetam will all help you do this.
Why not check out our remarkable range of anti-aging supplements which can help make 2013 be the year that you can reach your goals.

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