BEC5 Curaderm on the Dr Oz show

IAS News 22 February 2012 | 0 Comments

Many of our US based customers may have seen that BEC5 Curaderm cream for skin cancer was featured on the Dr Oz show last night. Dr Joseph Mecola the famous alternative health advocate was championing the product, BEC5 Curaderm, read his article here. He also has a longer piece here which may be of interest here.

This is the link to the story on Dr Oz’s website. We will hope to bring you the video as soon as it’s up on the web so check back soon.

Don’t forget we also have a wealth of articles and videos featuring prominent doctors and the inventor of BEC5 Curaderm Dr Bill Cham here.

This high profile exposure is great news for the millions who get basil cell carcinoma each year and now know there is a safe and cost effective alternative to surgery.

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