Benefits of Taking High Quality Vitamin C

IAS News 2 December 2014 | 0 Comments

Earlier this year reports showed that high doses of vitamin C, in excess of 500mg orally, may help to improve the health of the thin layer of cells that line blood vessels. Those that suffer from arterial stiffness, where the blood flow isn’t as smooth as in other healthy individuals, would benefit the most from the boost in heart health. Also shown to benefit from the improvements were those who suffered from diabetes; however no effects were seen in the healthy volunteers.

By pooling data from up to 44 studies scientists in the UK were able to draw conclusions such as the benefits to the endothelial function. It was also noted that oxidative damage and vascular inflammation are known to have negative effects on the endothelial function, while nitric oxide is a positive influence on how well the cells function. It is thought that the vitamin C may improve the ability of the nitric oxide to function due to the increase in bioavailability which comes from enhanced efficiency of the process.

IAS carries a high strength vitamin C powder which is thought to be ONLY oral formula to be as effective as injections. Each serving of Bio En’R-Gy c has a unique form of L-ascorbate crystals, which have been further enhanced by adding 2000mg of GMS-Ribose for improved bioavailability. Human trials using vitamin C and one or more of the additional anti-inflammatory ingredients have shown to enhance the uptake of vitamin C by up to 30%.

Ideal for protecting you against the common cold and other infections as well as the cardiovascular benefits detailed above Bio En’R-Gy C is a unique formula conveniently providing many additional benefits to other similar products on offer.

Why not watch our video with Dr Garry Gordon who designed this product, and learn more about the benefits it can have.

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