Cocoa to help with diabetes?

IAS News 9 April 2013 | 2 Comments

Everyone knows that diabetics have problems in controlling their blood sugar levels because of not producing enough insulin, or because of the cells not responding in the correct manner to the insulin that is being produced. Plenty of studies have been carried out looking into the best ways to treat diabetes and make it easier for those suffering from the illness to cope.
One of the most recent studies that have been carried out looked into how cocoa may be able to help manage diabetes. The conclusions given by the research showed that modern day medicines that are more commonly used to maintain sugar levels were not adequate and that they thought cocoa may be able to help increase their effectiveness.
Many would think that by adding extra chocolate – and therefore sugar, fat and calories into a diet – wouldn’t be the best idea for those who already have problems in controlling their sugar levels, and the UK diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, have warned that potential benefits may be outweighed.
The amount of flavanoid that would need to be consumed to get the same sort of results from the study, which wasn’t tested on humans but only on slices of liver, could only realistically be obtained from a 45g bar of high flavanoid chocolate. A bar this size would give an increase in calories, fat and saturated fat that would far outweigh the benefits. Indeed they said it would be better to simply drink tea.
Previous research carried out by Mars seemed to show that taking in cocoa flavanols could cause an improvement in cognitive impairment in the elderly. Potentially leading to a decrease in those suffering from dementia, and suggesting that the flavanols changes the brain structure by protecting neurons which help with memory.
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    There’s definately a great deal to learn about this subject. I like all of the points you have made.

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    Thanks for finally talking about > Could a diet with more cocoa in really help diabetes
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