CoQ10 and why it’s so important

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CoQ10 is one of the most important nutrients that is needed by your body to function correctly. This piece looks into how important it is, and also looks at our very own version of this supplement which is a slow release capsule.
As with many of our body’s vital nutrients, CoQ10 is one of those which decline heavily as we age, which leads to feelings of energy loss, which isn’t exactly surprising as it is thought that it is responsible for about 95% of our bodies energy. The functions that CoQ10 has been known to help with vary from our immune system to our skin, and has a key responsibility in many other areas also.
As we age we become less and less able to convert CoQ10 to ubiquinol which is the form of the nutrient we need for our body. This is because of various contributory factors including oxidative stress, insufficient dietary intake, potential illness and disease, age related changes within the genes, among others.
It isn’t just important to take CoQ10 as we age, but also if we are taking statins. This is because of the statins using the same pathway that our body does to produce the CoQ10. For this reason the body has problems creating CoQ10 due to the pathway being used by the statins drugs. By taking an additional Coenzyme Q10 supplement our bodies don’t need to produce so much, avoiding this complication.
Our CoQ10 is a slow release capsule which helps to avoid the complications that is present in some of the other CoQ10 products available. It is commonly thought that by putting a higher dose of something in a supplement then more will be absorbed into the body; however this isn’t the case with CoQ10. This is because the crystals, which is how CoQ10 naturally occurs, are too large to be absorbed by the cells. Our form uses cyclodextrin which enables the CoQ10 to be better absorbed , and makes the supplement more bio available by keeping the molecules separate and avoids them forming too large crystals.
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