Could young blood really lead the way to reversing aging?

IAS News 24 October 2012 | 3 Comments

A recent study has shown that injecting young blood into older mice improved their learning skills and created better connections within the brain. Stanford University has carried out research that has shown that blood from young mice helped to return the learning and cognitive understanding in older mice to the levels of their youth.

By connecting the two circulatory systems of a young mouse and an older one, there were obvious signs that the ageing process had definitely slowed down somewhat. A 20% increase in the brain cell connections, which notoriously decline with age, is one of the best signs of this being a credible theory. The less brain connections someone has the older they get, means that memories get worse and learning new things becomes more complicated.

It is suggested that young blood helped with reversing the obvious signs of aging by keeping the levels of the key chemicals that tend to decline with age. Moving this research into humans will likely take several years and many more studies, but does lead to the suggestion that in years to come therapies involving replacing the chemical factors in young blood could be used as a preventative to the often debilitating signs of aging.

It is unlikely that this will be done in blood transfusions but more by researching which positive factors the young blood is bringing and creating just those components in treatments for the elderly. Even if the research doesn’t lead to a complete reversal of the aging process, but just prevention or slowing down of this seemingly unstoppable process then the impact could be huge on the generations to come.

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