Fiber to help Suppress Appetite

IAS News 9 February 2015 | 0 Comments

Dr Garry Gordon has long extolled the huge benefits of a good detoxing, and Beyond Fiber is one product that may be of huge benefit to those wishing to help deal with fat soluble toxins. For many years now there has been the belief that a high fiber diet can help to keep obesity at bay; however the reasoning behind this has never been clear. Biochemists at Imperial College London have worked on this research and have made a few discoveries.

Previously thought to help keep weight down due to stimulating the release of appetite suppressing hormones, studies have now shown that humans don’t have such an increase in this area as the mice where the investigations were first carried out. For this reason it was decided that the reasoning must lie elsewhere, in which the best place to look was thought to be in the gut. In particular the focus was put on the products of fiber fermentation, and the short chain fatty acid acetate due to its abundance and ability to circulate through the blood stream.

Mice fed with large doses of fermentable fiber were found to eat less food, and ended up weighing less than control mice. While further research is obviously needed, especially into how much fiber would be needed in order to control appetite it can be said that much of the results could be applied to humans due to the right microbiota in our gut for the fermentation of fiber.

Beyond Fiber is one of the many products from the Garry Gordon range which IAS carries, and contains many useful minerals as well as 3.4g of fiber per scoop. Helping with the detoxing and chelating is Calcium EDTA which boosts fiber’s detoxifying properties as well as being one of the most effective oral chelators.

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