Flu Vaccine – The Hidden Details

IAS News 30 December 2014 | 0 Comments

It is the time of the year when doctors recommend to a large variety of people to get the flu vaccine in order to offer some protection against this potentially complicated illness. The lengthy list of people who are recommended to get the flu vaccine seems to get longer each year, and while it is a good idea to get the vaccine to protect yourself from any complications that may arise.

However it is possible that the flu vaccine designed to help stop the dangerous pitfalls of developing this year’s flu strain, could have some other serious health complications.

According to a report issued in early 2014 by the Department of Justice (Vaccine Court), there were 139 claims settled during the time period of August and November 2013 due to injury and death by vaccine. 50% of those claims were compensated, or which the greatest percentage was for the influenza vaccine. The report is shown in a power point production here.

The actual number of those compensated for the influenza vaccine was 42, a statistic that isn’t reported in any of the mainstream media forums. This isn’t just a one off, but happens consistently over the years, and throughout the year also. The highest number of compensation claims was given to those who developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is a rare disorder when the immune system damages nerves causing muscle weakness or even paralysis.

Please don’t think we are saying never have the flu vaccine, after all it can do a lot of good to those who receive it. What we are saying is, as with any medical procedure, keep an eye out for symptoms and get them seen to as soon as possible. Side effects are few and far between with many of those who receive the flu vaccine, but being fully researched into a procedure is always a good idea.

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