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IAS News 22 July 2015 | 0 Comments

As we age our brain ages too, which can result in us forgetting things that we previously found easy to remember, or didn’t even think about it as remembering thing but more that it was a natural thing to know.

We recently put together 3 infographics that took a look at the brain and forgetting things, and how this can affect our lives. We decided in put them on our Pinterest site in order to show them to you.

The first took a look at how the provided suggestions as to how to improve your memory using techniques such as: reading, getting a decent night’s sleep and socialising. It also contains a few job suggestions which can boost your brain and learning capacity!

Our second infographic showed the changes over the years within your brain, including starting from new born and continuing on through to your 70’s. It also listed a few ‘super powers’ such as those with hyperthymesia which means you have an immensely detailed recall, and super agers who have brains of those in their 40’s as opposed to the real age.

Our third infographic looked into how much forgetting things ends up costing us over the years, including £118million on forgotten holiday items and missing anniversaries and birthdays! It also shows how it isn’t only the older people who forget but youngsters too, they’re more likely to forget to bring lunch and where their keys are!

We have a range of nootropics that can help with slowing down the aging process within the brain including the original Piracetam in both liquid and tablet form. As well as slightly stronger formats Pramiracetam and Aniracetem. There are also a couple of supplements that may be of interest such as Centrophenoxine and Xan-Pro. All of these products can be purchased at using a range of payment options!



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