Gout and Affordable Colchicina

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Gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis, and most often occurs after an excess build up of uric acid within the body. The buildup can leave lumps on the skin, kidney stones, and uric acid deposits – most often found in the big toe. The level of pan caused by this buildup is so strong that people will almost always look for a way to relieve the pain.  The other joints that can be affected by gout are the elbows, fingers, wrists, knees and ankles – often starting with an intense pain, followed by swelling, red discoloration, warmth and a tenderness to touch. Often lasting for several hours, and sometimes extending into several days, these attacks will happen repeatedly over the years.

Dealing with the inflammation is the most important step of dealing with any attack of gout. Once this has been done it is possible to deal with the long terms reasons behind the attacks and hopefully reduce or stop any further incidences from happening. Often reducing the future risks can be done through medication and a change in diet – particularly increasing the amount of fluids taken, limiting the amount of alcohol drunk and getting any weight issues under control.

Foods that are recommended to be avoided are kidneys, liver and brain, sweetbreads and shellfish – these are due to the levels of purine in them. Red meat and turkey should also be avoided, along with asparagus, spinach, cauliflower and mushrooms.

One of the best medications to take to help with occurrences of gout is Colchicine. Unfortunately due to the FDA deciding that all manufacture, distribution and marketing of unapproved single ingredient oral colchicine should be discontinued the price for this centuries old medication has been almost unbearably high. Claiming that due to them being centuries old, they hadn’t received the mandatory modern-day FDA approval, not enabling doctors to know about the important safety data and information about interactions and dosing which are considered essential.

After this decision only one company, URL Pharma, decided to put their product, Colcrys, in for the strict and rigorous FDA protocol, which has now pushed the price up to $5 per pill, as opposed to mere pennies before this decision was taken.

IAS is now able to offer Colchicina which is available at only $14.99 for 40 x 1mg tablets.

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