Hardened arteries aren’t just a problem of today’s making

IAS News 12 March 2013 | 0 Comments

The commonly thought of supposition that hardened arteries only affected those living in modern society has been blown out of the water by a recent discovery.
137 mummies from differing locations, such as Egypt, Peru, southwest America, and Alaska have had CT scans carried out. With the startling discovery being that more than a third of them were found to have suffered from hardened arteries. Even in cases where the arteries had disintegrated it was possible to see calcified plaques that had kept their shape long after the vessels had gone.
Previous studies had shown mummies to suffer from hardened arteries. However those studies were mainly carried out on those who had experienced high socioeconomic status, and therefore more likely enjoyed diets which were high in saturated fat. This particular type of diet is something that is commonly known to have an effect on arteries and the health of them. This more recent research was carried out into a more diverse group of people and therefore the evidence of arterial stiffness suggests that it is about more than just diet and lifestyle.
This whole discovery leads us to believe that it is a common human ailment to develop hardened arteries as we age, leading our bodies to no longer be able to process fats. It also supports previous discoveries that those who lived in ancient Egyptian times had a more active lifestyle and ate healthier, and that it was simply a human predisposition that led to the clogging of the arteries. As always further studying is needed and this will be carried out in future studies to discover more about this phenomenon.
More information about hard arteries as a condition and how it can be helped, can be found here.

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