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IAS News 12 November 2013 | 0 Comments

Here at IAS, we are interested in keeping aging at bay and making growing older an easier and less stressful time of life. We do this by ensuring that our customers have access to some of the most groundbreaking products, such as the Peptide range, and the Nootropics, which both aim to keep our bodies, and minds, fresh and working as they did when we were younger. All of these, and our other extensive range of products, are designed to counteract the forces of nature which aging currently puts on us. However research into the aging process may be able to take a big step further due to the case of Brooke Greenberg, who has been called the real life Peter Pan after suffering from a mysterious condition.
Since Brooke Greenberg passed away recently at the age of 20, her family have arranged with Dr Eric Schadt, who works at the Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, to create stem cells, so her condition can be researched further into. It is thought that by understanding why Ms Greenberg didn’t develop beyond the age of 4 – mentally and physically – it may be possible to increase longevity and reduce the impacts of age related disorders.
By comparing Ms Greenberg to her siblings, who aged normally, it has been possible to understand which mutations in her genes that explain her condition; however more needs to be looked into in order to understand how these mutations relate to aging and development.
Dr Richard Walker has pointed out that such a breakthrough into understanding this case, may have implications on a variety of diseases, such as cancer. If the aging process can be slowed, then it is thought that it may be possible to stop it all together. “It’s not so much that we wouldn’t want biological immortality, but the ethical, philosophical and religious issues that would come to the fore before we ever could get the funding. But this is an age-old question: why are we mortal? I don’t think, if we were on the threshold of understanding it, that we would stop.”

What are your thoughts on extending healthy lifespan? And is it something that more money should be put into?

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