Men’s Health Month

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So with it being Men’s Health Month we thought we should draw your attention to some of the relevant pages and products on our website. We have added several new parts to our website this year, and lots of information regarding Men’s Health can be found within these. In particular within the Conditions Sections you will be able to learn a bit more about DHT and Hair Loss, Hormone Imbalance, Sex / Libido, Erectile Dysfunction and Low / High Testosterone / Estrogen / Fertility.
Within the Synergistic Programs part of our updated website you may wish to visit the following pages: Hair Improvement, Estrogen Reduction and Sex (Libido). We also have the Product Categories section where the pages related to Men’s Health can be found on DHT Inhibitors, Estrogen, Hormone Support Agonists, and Peptides.
For a brief run down the products that link to this subject the best are our hair loss products such as Nanogen, Minsaw and Dercos all of which can help with increasing the hair growth, and thickening the hair which is already present. Or maybe you are interested in products that will help with prostate problems such as one from our newest range of Peptides – Libidon, which is the peptide for the prostate, or Prostate Pro which will help correct any prostate issues. To increase your levels of testosterone you should look into Anastro Pro which will help naturally increase the levels of this hormone and Testoluten – which is another of our Peptides this time linked with the testes. To help with any problems with sex or libido, the best products would be Oxytocin, Vigor Pro or maybe Neo 40.
Here at IAS, we think we have all the different aspects of Men’s Health pretty well covered, but of course anything of major concern we always recommend that you consult with your physician to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

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