A Message Regarding Armour® Thyroid Price Increase

IAS News 7 August 2015 | 1 Comment

Dear Customers

We are very disappointed to recently see yet another significant increase in the cost of Armour® natural thyroids.

Over the past 18-months Forest, (the manufacturers of Armour®) had already increased prices by more than 40% which followed a period of its intermittent availability. It was our understanding at that time, that demand was outstripping supply, it is a fact that Armour® is the most popular and well-known brand of natural thyroids and probably the most prescribed by name- than any other make.

Recently, Actavis PLC has purchased Forest in a massive takeover of $25 billion. One of the consequences of this takeover has seen yet another massive (up to 50% more) hike in Armour prices! It is difficult to substantiate this change and we haven’t seen any notifications to-date explaining it.

IAS has done what it can to absorb prices by not increasing its charges by the same amounts, but clearly if costs have risen by 90% it is impossible for us to absorb it all.

As a reaction, IAS intends to reduce its range of Armour® doses to the most popular 60 mg tablets and to point out that Canadian made ERFA® thyroids and US made Nature® (also known as West®) thyroids remain available in 30 mg (half grain), 60 mg (one grain), 90 mg (one and half grain) and 120 mg (two grain) tablets and much more reasonable prices.

Whilst there are differences in the excipients of these tablets, the base material remains the same porcine derived thyroid. Their individual labels can be seen at the IAS website here (please scroll down to thyroids list and choose).

Since these alternative to Armour® thyroids are now approximately half the price of Armour® we would encourage you to look into them.

Philip Micans, MS, PharmB

VP IAS Group

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One Response on “A Message Regarding Armour® Thyroid Price Increase”

  1. Shell in San Diego says:

    Hi, please help. i know this is an old blog, but hoping you have updated info on replacements for Armour thyroid. Every time i pick it up at Costco I’m shocked at the new skyrocketing cost! Now, at $110 for 3/mo i just can’t afford it.
    Can anyone recommend a similar one that’s alot cheaper?

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