Natural Thyroid Conversion to T3 / T4

IAS News 2 April 2014 | 2 Comments

One of the most asked question regarding thyroid products is: ‘What is the conversion between T3, T4 and whole thyroid?’ So in answer to this question, we have got our hands on a handy little table which came from ERFA Canada themselves.

Thyroid gland

If you are taking 1/2grain of natural thyroid you will be taking 0.05mg of T4 and 12.5µg of T3. This then follows to 1grain of natural thyroid equates to 0.1mg of T4 and 25µg of T3. This pattern repeats itself with 2grain of natural thyroid being 0.2mg of T4 and 50µg of T3. I am sure you can see where this is going, with each additional 1/2grain of natural thyroid you are taking, you are adding an additional 12.5µg of T3 and an extra 0.05mg of T4.
Of course this can also be worked in reverse, with those currently taking a dose of 75µg of T3 meaning you should be taking 3grains of thyroid. Or if you are on 0.3mg of T4, then the conversion would be to 3grain.
Everyone knows how important it is to have our hormones in balance, with many conditions or illnesses being linked to having issues with the thyroid gland. Some of these include: hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, low body temperatures, higher risk of infection and being less able to fight it off, high levels of homocysteine which can lead to memory loss, attention difficulties, increased risk of bone fracture, and plenty more besides.
For an indepth article we recommend the following: Thyroid – An Important Yet Underutilized Antiaging Hormone, by Dr Stanley Richard Wilkinson.
IAS carries an extensive range of thyroid supplements, from just T3 and T4 to whole natural thyroids, including well known brands of Armour and ERFA and Naturethroid in a variety of strengths. We also have a large number of articles which all say how important it is to ensure a healthy thyroid function. These can be read here.

2 Responses on “Natural Thyroid Conversion to T3 / T4”

  1. Rose says:

    Sorry to ask again but can’t work out the equivalent. In Australia I take Oroxine (thyroxine) one 100ug and one 50 ug daily. Does that then mean I need 4 grains ? of the natural thyroid? seems a lot?
    Do I need to take both simultaneously half and half (for a while) or just swap over in one go?
    Thank you. PS Love your newsletters. Rose

    • IAS says:

      Thank you for this comment. According to the table provided by ERFA you should take 1.5 grains of desiccated thyroid to make the equivalent of that 150ug that you are currently taking of T4. We would of course recommend consulting with your physician before making any changes to the medication you are currently taking as they will be able to offer advice for your particular situation. I hope this clears up any confusion. We are pleased you love our newsletters!

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