New Documentary Shows How Mobile Phone Usage Causes Cancer By Depleting Melatonin

IAS News 25 January 2013 | 1 Comment

A new documentary called “Resonance – Beings of Frequency” (the full 90 mins of which can be watched below this post) by director James Russell, exposes the telecommunications industries “reckless disregard” for the health of the public. In his film he uncovers clear evidence that the million fold increase in electro-magnetic radiation in our atmosphere, because of the 5 million mobile phone masts and the 6 Billion mobile phones in existence, are causing serious adverse health effects including cancer clusters, fertility problems and much, much more.

The frightening thing for the future is that the diseases caused by this radiation can take 10 or more years to develop, meaning we are sitting on a health time-bomb, and given the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones, this could be on a scale unimaginable, greater even than the effects of smoking.

This isn’t an outsider conspiracy theory that can be dismissed, in the documentary he speaks to professors and doctors from world renowned institutions such as Imperial College London, Bristol University and the University of Oxford. He reviews 50 years of research into our sensitivity to magnetic fields, even using research that the mobile phone industry commissioned itself but supressed because it concluded that ‘mobile phone usage does play a role in the development of cancer’. Even the World Health Organization, in 2011 reclassified the danger of mobile phones as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’.

In another parallel to the tobacco industry, the telecom’s companies have always denied that a link can be proven between mobile usage and disorders particularly brain cancers, but in his film Mr Russell points out an obvious and startling connection. The pineal gland is responsible for the production of Melatonin, and has been proven in 17 studies it cannot distinguish between light and the electromagnetic waves produced by the phones and masts that surround us the whole time. Melatonin is only produced by the pineal when it is dark, in our radiation polluted world the pineal is in effect tricked into thinking it is never dark meaning Melatonin production is severely restricted. Melatonin is the body’s natural defense against free radical damage, only secreted at night to repair the damage done by energy production and cell division. It controls immunity, circadian rhythms and well-being, when production is compromised the effects on health are devastating.

The science of Melatonin is backed by over 12,000 studies, and as many who have followed antiaging systems for many years will know, we have worked closely with the world’s foremost Melatonin expert, the Italian Dr Walter Pierpaoli who has studied Melatonin more thoroughly than any other person, and made a considerable contribution to both the study and wider public knowledge of Melatonin through books like The Key of Life and The Melatonin Miracle.

Not all Melatonin supplements are effective so we only stock Dr Pierpaoli’s own formula which also contains Zinc and Selenium. We have amassed a wealth of articles, interviews and videos from Dr Pierpaoli and others which is available on the MelatoninZnSe page here.

We would strongly recommend anyone to watch this important film and to spread its startling information. But perhaps the biggest thing to recommend in light of its findings is to consider supplementing with Melatonin to lessen the impact of this potential health catastrophe.

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