Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio

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Omega 6 is one of those issues that people seem to disagree on, with the American Heart Association saying that the consumption levels should NOT be reduced, and perhaps even more should be consumed. They suggest that you should be getting at least 5-10% of your energy needs from omega-6 fats – and that by decreasing the intake level the risks for coronary heart disease may increase!
However this is only one side of the story with the other, of course, being the complete opposite in suggestions. Not getting the right balance of omega 6 and omega 3 could result in other serious health problems – including cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, and Alzheimer’s among many others. Decreasing omega 6 and increasing omega 3 intake will redress this balance and help avoid any of the above complications.
Good analysis of the health effects of omega 6 has only recently become available after the complete set of data had been discovered from a study carried out in Sydney. By looking at the completed results it was possible to compare death rates from CVD, heart disease as well as mortality as a whole. The full results can be read here, but overall the higher the amount of omega 6 in the diet the higher the chances of death during the study time.
Worryingly the typical ‘southern diet’ with its high percentage of deep-fried foods, created a 41% increased risk of suffering from a stroke. The typical western diet is between 1 unit of omega 3 fat to every 20-50 units of omega 6 – with the ideal ratio being 1:1! While omega 6 fats do need to be consumed for a healthy diet, the correct ratio is far more important.
Recent research also show the importance of limiting your intake of omega 6 fats, and boosting intake of omega 3 during pregnancy – this should result in a healthier and more muscular baby.
Krill, which also contains vitamins E, A and D, as well as natural astaxanthin, is the best natural omega 3 supplement, and is 48 times more potent than fish oil in terms of its oxygen radical absorptance capacity.

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