Oxytocin, Love, Commitment and Romance

IAS News 15 February 2013 | 0 Comments

So with Valentine’s Day being fresh in our memories we thought it would be a good time to talk about the potential for creating a love drug in today’s modern society. It is currently possible to encourage feelings of attachment and comfort in what can sometimes be uncomfortable situations. Oxytocin, commonly known as the cuddle drug, has been one of our most popular products since we started to provide it. It doesn’t just cement those already present feelings of love and attachment but also helps in making general social settings more comfortable for those who are unsure of themselves.
One question that is commonly asked about Oxytocin is in creating love. However it is more about encouraging the feelings that are already present to be stronger. It cannot create something that isn’t already present but Oxytocin can reaffirm what is already there. Encouraging feelings of bonding with children or loved ones during times of hardship surely isn’t a bad thing, but a positive one.
Even the nickname that is commonly associated with Oxytocin, the cuddle drug, doesn’t suggest that it will do anything more than what is mentioned above. Creating feelings of love isn’t for drugs to do, these things shouldn’t need creating, but what’s wrong with making us feel more comfortable in situations where usually we would feel tense and unsure, or maybe helping a mother bond with her newborn after a difficult and very stressful time of childbirth, which is when the body naturally produces this hormone.
So while it may be possible in years to come to create an actual love drug that creates feelings of love, it really isn’t needed. If love has to be created then it wouldn’t feel real, and those feelings may create longer term issues. The Oxytocin that we sell, which comes in 24 x20IU troches and a nasal spray, is all that is needed to encourage the feelings of love and bonding, anything stronger than this would create a false reality. Oxytocin is a natural product that increases the levels of a hormone which is already produced in the body at times when it is required.

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