Sleep and the Implications of Not Getting Enough

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Sleep is a vitally important part of our day for our body. It is a time for our bodies to recover from what we have put them through during the day and for our minds to get some rest – although those who have vivid dreams won’t believe about the mind resting during sleep. The recommended amount of sleep for a grown adult is between 7 and 9 hours per night; with some people feeling more refreshed after only 7 but others needing the full 9 to feel they have slept sufficiently.
While the actual amount of sleep you need may change from one person to another, it is possible to build up sleep debt which is where you miss out on a few hours one night for a particular reason, and then feel tired for several days after due to not being able to catch up on those few hours. This may not harm you too much if you are only missing out on a few hours over a week to 10 days but consistently not getting enough can have some severe impacts on your body and mind.
You will feel your productivity at work decline, or the ability to both remember and consolidate information is impaired; however there is also the possibility that you may develop serious health consequences, or jeopardize yours and others around you, safety. Being drowsy when driving, increased risk of diabetes and heart problems, higher risk of obesity due to an increased appetite which is a consequence of not sleeping enough, as well as higher risk of depression and substance abuse have all been linked to not getting enough sleep.

A recent study has suggested that if you don’t get enough sleep it is possible that you could be suggested into thinking that you have. The study looked into how even if people perceived they got very little good sleep, if someone was to tell them they had they performed better on tests, than those who were told they got not enough sleep. However of course this may have only had an effect on their mental abilities, all the listed problems in the above paragraph regarding health are still all very high possibilities if not enough sleep is got.

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