Smarter As We Age?

IAS News 16 August 2013 | 0 Comments

It is generally thought that as we age our brains slow down and we get less intelligent. However this blog will look into ways in which we actually gain intelligence, and become smarter as we age.

Firstly as we age our brain hemispheres work together more; in younger people it tends to be one side of the brain working for problems, but older people have synced their brains to help out better. Another aspect is that the brain is always growing. The previously held belief that brain cells die as we age, has been replaced with thinking that we hang on to them for far longer, and continue to grow new ones.

We become more money savvy with age, making better decisions regarding spending and savings, as well as other reasoning and problem solving skills. As you get older the focus is more on the upside of life, with a study showing more positive feelings in an older test group then the younger. People skills improve with age, and those of a more mature age understand their feelings more, and how relationships work – as well as avoiding meaningless arguments.

Having clearer priorities is another reason why we become smarter as we age. Fewer years mean less time to spend with people we care about, seeking out positive people as opposed to negative. Knowledge has been learnt and not forgotten; one example is vocabulary which is always being added to, as well as learning more about jobs which increase our knowledge. Being able to see the bigger picture is another positive, with more mature brains being able to see the whole, as opposed to concentrating on a single aspect.

Emotional control is another big change as we age, keeping control of our moods and feelings is important to be able to keep life ticking over at an even pace. New situations experienced means more frameworks applied which allow us to be become more able to deal with the same situation again in the future should it arise.

So while aging can mean negative effects on our bodies, our minds and brains and control of feelings and emotions all seem to improve as we age.

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