Tamanu Oil and its Wide Range of Benefits

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Tamanu Oil is a cream that we added to our range about 2 and a half years ago and since then it has been a very consistent seller. Originally bought into help compliment the BEC5 curaderm cream that we have carried for several years now, it is now selling well on its own.
Tamanu Oil comes from the tamanu nut which is found in the Polynesian and Pacific Islands, and it has been used for many generations for helping with skin healing, moisturizing and rejuvenation. With its ability to penetrate deep into the skin, it has been able to show remarkable effects when used to help make skin look and feel younger. It can be used to help those suffering from acne, eczema and in some cases it has been reported to be helpful with toenail fungus!
With no additives or chemicals added to the process, the tamanu nut is simply cold pressed to create the oil. This process as you can imagine is very time consuming and a lot of effort goes into making the 50ml bottles that we provide – unbelievably it takes 100 kilograms of the tamanu nut to create just 5 kilograms of the oil.
With research going back to the early 1900’s tamanu oil has been shown time and time again to help those with cuts, bites, wounds and sunburn, and remarkably it can even help with pain relief. It has been shown that by applying the tamanu oil to the throat it can help soothe sore throats. For a more extensive list of the conditions that Tamanu oil can help with please view our product page here.
The main reason behind the extensive healing properties is down to it being a natural emollient which allow for rapid and deep absorption into the skin, with penetration through all three skin layers. The two key ingredients which are found in the all natural tamanu oil thought to be responsible for the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory capabilities are callophollide and calophyllic acid.
IAS sells Tamanu Oil in 50ml bottles for only $21.99

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