Telomeres and Cancer

IAS News 6 August 2013 | 0 Comments

For several months now we have been extolling the virtues of TA65 due to its ability to keep telomeres, the end caps which keep the DNA safe inside chromosomes, at a reasonable length. This is key to stopping them from dying off, and therefore causing complications with disease and aging.

Recent research has looked into the link between keeping telomeres longer and stopping cancer.

Cancer cells naturally have shorter telomeres than regular cells, and are able to stop them from dividing, and therefore dying. However by taking steps to increase the length of these telomeres it seemed to be possible to suppress genes and proteins within the cell, which appear to be closely linked with tumor malignancy.

While the research is only in its early stage, here is another reason why it is important to keep the average length of telomeres up. TA65 does exactly this in targeting the shorter telomeres and lengthening them to match those around them. Hopefully this research carried out in Tokyo will eventually lead to new treatments for cancer.

Shorter telomeres have also been linked to a number of other conditions such as osteoarthritis, cancer, aging, fibromyalgia, colds, stress, cardiovascular complications, inflammation, depression, sleep problems, it has also been linked to high levels of iron in the blood, and even daydreaming has been linked to shorter telomeres!

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