Telomeres and the increasing link to mortality

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Research using telomeres

Researchers at Kaiser Permanente and the University of California, San Francisco have been assembling genetic data on 100,000 northern Californians and have recently been able to unveil the first findings at the annual American Society of Human Genetics. They have found a very intriguing connection between the risk of mortality and the length of telomeres, which appear at the end of chromosomes like little plastic caps. They have also found a link between genetic variants and disease traits, with plenty more research to be done.

This project is one of a series of other similar studies in Iceland and the UK, looking for links between diseases, lifestyle factors, traits and genes. The Californian study had a jump start with a large grant for the study into aging. They have scanned for hundreds of thousands of DNA markers, and measured the length of the telomeres, which will shorten every time a cell divides, until they reach the point where they trigger cell death.

The results have shown that the telomeres do tend to be shorter in older people, as well as those who smoke and drink to excess, but didn’t confirm anything regarding other ideas that they are longer in those who exercise. Most importantly they found that short telomeres and the risk of dying have a strong association, but not whether they were the direct cause or if they were simply reflecting other factors. All these show that ensuring your telomeres are kept at a longer length may help you live a longer, healthier life.

Articles about telomeres

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Telomeres lengthening products

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