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Read the latest edition of our AgingMatters Magazine FREE here

To mark the launch of the latest issue we’re offering 10% off every product order over $200 until November 9th

AgingMatters Magazine Issue 4 includes new articles from Dr Ward Dean the famous author of Smart Drugs and nutrients on (what else) but Smart drugs and nutrients!

Dr Richard Lippman was nominated for Nobel Prize for medicine for his work with antioxidants so this issue we have him writing about…guess what…free radicals and antioxidants. Finally we have Dr Marios Kyriazis the author of The Cataract Cure (available as a free eBook from IAS here) on ten years of the breakthrough eye drop treatment for cataract Can-C. Can-C is due with us very soon so follow this link if you wish to place a pre-order.

If you haven’t received your copy of Aging Matters in the mail yet, you can read it here now

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