The seriousness of air pollution

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Recent news stories have shown there to be a very strong link between the level of air pollution and the incidence of heart conditions, lung cancer and other illnesses and conditions.

The risk of suffering from lung cancer grew by up to 18% for every increase of 5mcg per cubic metre of particulate matter which measured less than2.5 micrometres, and the increase was 22% for those where an increase of 10mcg per cubic metre of matter of 10 micrometres. These results show that just a small increase of pollution can lead to a very high increase in the levels of suffering for those living in areas of high air pollution.

Short term exposure to air pollution may lead to an increased risk of being admitted to hospital with, or even dying from, heart failure.

There are 20 million people worldwide who suffer from the effects of heart failure, all of whom would see substantive decreases in medical costs should the level of air pollution be lowered by even a small amount where they live.

Many will say that there are rules and regulations surrounding the levels of air pollution, but worryingly most of the studies combined for the above research were conducted within the last 10 years, well within the time frame of all the recent legislation.

The final study was put together by the World Health Organization and involved 60 international scientists who analysed over 8 years of studies into air pollution. Not only did they find the links as above with heart and lung conditions but also for those suffering from diabetes, still births, and adverse effects on cognitive health on those born to mothers exposed to even small levels of pollution.

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