TRH and its role in reducing the number of army suicides

IAS News 15 October 2012 | 1 Comment

The US Army has recently introduced a new way of combating the feelings of depression for their serving soldiers. A $3 million grant to a scientist at the Indiana University School of Medicine has been provided to develop a nasal spray to stop suicidal thoughts. Dr Michael Kubek and his team of researchers have got 3 years to find a safe and effective method of administration of this nasal spray. This development has come about after 38 of the US Army’s soldiers, a record number for a single month, are thought to have taken their own lives in July 2012, with a further 66 confirmed since the beginning of the year, and the potential for another 50 to be added to this total.
These rates are the highest levels in history, and means that more American soldiers are taking their own lives than are being taken by the Taliban. This number reached one per day in June, as opposed to 24 soldiers being killed by the Taliban in the same period.
TRH (thyrotropin-releasing hormone) is a naturally occurring neurochemical that has the potential to slow the seemingly ever increasing rate of suicide. It is known to produce a euphoric, calming and antidepressant effect, which can decrease suicidal ideas, depression and bipolar disorders. The biggest problem for the research was how to get this hormone into the brain, with previous administrations being done through the spinal cord, as pills and injections do not allow the neurochemical to enter the brain.
The research, carried out by Dr Michael Kubek and a team of scientists, has discovered that the TRH could be safely transported across the blood-brain barrier by administration via a nasal spray. Dr Ken Duckworth, who is medical director for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, has said that this nasal spray has the potential to stabilize someone straight away while the antidepressants are getting started.
Dr Michael Kubek has reported that this could potentially be used across the board, not only for soldiers, should it be found to have the required effects. Anyone who is suffering from a crisis or those who are already on antidepressants could be given TRH. The suicide rate for the general population is also on the rise for those aged between 18 and 65, with more than 100 Americans taking their own life per day.
TRH is also known to help for general anti-aging purposes with a faster metabolism and a stronger immune system being other effects of this hormone. It naturally occurs in all parts of life from plants up to humans. Many more positives are being found to be gained from taking this hormone, including increasing thyroid function and subsequently thyrotropin levels, both of which are known to decrease with age. The major positive being that there are no known side effects from taking this naturally occurring hormone.

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