Vitamin D and more of its many health benefits!

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Vitamin D has been in the health news a lot recently – probably due to the time of the year for us in the northern hemisphere, meaning a distinct lack of the natural source of this vital vitamin.
It seems to have been linked with a huge variety of different illnesses, and conditions and can apparently help out in the solving of many of these. Read on for the most some more health links to this remarkable vitamin.

Vitamin D and Heart health

In combination with strength training, vitamin D can help cut down on the level of dangerous visceral fat. Everyone knows that having a good hip to waist ratio is a good way of reducing risks of heart disease and other severe conditions. So ensuring you have an ideal level of vitamin D within your body, along with a healthy exercise regime could cut down on the risk of suffering such diseases.

Vitamin D and Diabetes

Another connection is with diabetes, specifically type 2. An insufficient level of vitamin D and a high BMI could lead to a higher risk of diabetes due to it increasing the risk of insulin resistance.

Vitamin D and Eye Health

Age Related Macular Degenerationis a very common problem, and simply by ensuring that you are getting enough vitamin D may lead to the incidence of this being reduced dramatically. Vitamin D is known to reduce inflammation and amyloid beta levels which have been known to cause ARMD.

Vitamin D and Alzheimer’s

Also linked with amyloid beta levels is alzheimer’s, which again is a commonly occurring issue in the aged population, and doing everything possible to delay the onset or help with the symptoms is a high priority on many lists.

Vitmain D and Respiratory Illnesses

TB and pneumonia can be very dangerous to anyone when caught but particularly dangerous to those who have reached a certain age. Long hospital stays are unwanted by anyone, and having an ideal level of vitamin D present can shorten the length of TB illness, and also decreases the number of deaths from pneumonia. It is thought that it can help kickstart the immune system into helping beat the illness quicker than for those with inadequate levels.

Vitamin D and Epilepsy

Finally it can help with the controlling of seizures for those suffering from epilepsy. This is thought to be the case due to some vitamin D receptors being in the brain.
For all these reasons and many more, see our previous blog for more positives, why not look into our D3 Pro product which contains 50,000 IU which will definitely be a boost for anyone suffering from a vitamin D deficiency.

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