Vitamin D, depression and diabetes

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Vitamin D has once again been shown exactly why it is such an amazing vitamin. Recent studies have shown that it can be taken by women suffering from type 2 diabetes, to relieve feelings of depression, and also to increase their blood pressure. Also of benefit was that they managed to lose a few pounds.
These results were released at the 73rd session of the American Diabetes Association, which was held in Chicago earlier this year. Vitamin D is a low cost and incredibly effective therapy for a number of different ailments, and has very limited side effects. Sue M Penckofer carried out the study after being awarded a large grant by the Royal Institute of Nursing Research, and has plans to carry out a much larger study to reaffirm the results already received.
Diabetes is a condition that affects 10% of the US population, but what is more concerning is that this figure is estimated to increase up to 25% of people by 2050. It has been suggested that women suffer worse from diabetes due to depression, which affects a quarter of all females who suffer from the condition. Suffering from depression, can worsen the effects of diabetes by leading to not eating right, doing exercise or even taking their medication.
Vitamin D is an essential mineral which many Americans simply do not get enough of in their daily lives. This is worse with those who suffer from diabetes due to the limited intake of such foods that have sufficient levels, obesity, lack of sun exposure, and genetic reasons.
This study has great credence due to the lead researcher Penckofer being well known for her research on vitamin D. In fact later this year she will become a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing for her research in improving the health and quality of life for women with chronic diseases.

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