Who wants to live forever? The aging debate

IAS News 6 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Last night there was a half hour documentary on British television (ITV’s Tonight programme no less), briefly featuring Dr Aubrey De Grey the famous Cambridge Don and Founder of the SENs foundation, about the search for the aging gene. For a mainstream effort it was relatively good, and seemed to grasp the point (completely missed by Professor Blakemore in the recent aging debate hosted by the Oxford University Scientific Society which can be watched here), that it’s not just about living a long life, it’s about extending the functional or optimal health of an individual. I think even the most hardened sceptic wouldn’t mind living to 150 if they still felt and functioned like a 30 year old!

Check out the programmes page for further information and to watch Dr De Greys interview here.

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  1. A very interesting post which may be attracted by so many people. By the way, from the ancient time till now, a lot of researcher were doing experiment for the forever living drug but get no exact results in the end. Now, this topic has been a good wish for our human beings but don’t realize.

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