Advanced Cellular Range

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IAS carries a group of three products which all have something in common. They are the advanced cellular range of Silver, Glutathione and Zeolite. The three products are designed to be an extra strength version, which is better absorbed and taken in more directly by the body. By being in an atomized form, the high grade product is able to get to work very quickly – improving levels by substantial amounts within a relatively short space of time. For example the glutathione can be topped up by up to 10% within just seven hours! Here is a quick run-down of these three nutrients and why it is so important to ensure optimum levels within your body.
Advanced Cellular Glutathione
Glutathione is most well known for helping to fight toxins and harmful free radicals within every single cell of our body, but there are a few lesser known responsibilities for this molecule. Glutathione is understood to be the body’s key antioxidant due to its ability to work within the cell, which puts it above vitamins A and C sometimes considered to be equally as important. As with many antioxidants that are found within our body, the levels are susceptible to a number of factors including stress, aging, medications and toxins.
Advanced Cellular Silver
Silver has been used for many years in helping to heal, cleanse and fight against all sorts of bacteria and diseases. It has been shown to help with numerous conditions including common colds, viral infections, E. Coli infections, food poisoning, skin wounds and many others. Silver’s antimicrobial properties are due to its sturdy bonds with the substances that bacteria would usually use to respire – and therefore produce energy. By bonding with these substances, silver causes the harmful bacteria to die.
Advanced Cellular Zeolite
Zeolite is a crystal formed many millions of years ago from volcanic ash – and has been known for almost as long to help promote well being and overall health. Our knowledge has come on since then however, and it is known to help with health due to its properties as an effective detox and chelation agent. Due to its structure Zeolite has the ability to trap heavy metals like lead and mercury, and other toxic materials such as arsenic, cadmium and tin; but at the same time it leaves positive elements such as zinc and potassium.
The combination of herbal extracts within the Advanced Cellular range makes these products market leading and with no side effects.

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