Aldosterone and Hearing Loss

IAS News 28 October 2014 | 6 Comments

Loss of hearing can have severe detrimental effects on daily life, including problems communicating with the other people, leading to problems such as isolation, loneliness, dependency on others and frustration. With such a dramatic effect on quality of life, it is easy to understand why so many people turn to hearing aids to help them improve their day to day living. However what if simply redressing a hormonal imbalance could offer much better assistance?

IAS has carried Aldosterone for many years as a tablet, but recently we introduced a spray to our range which has shown to have remarkable properties at helping with restoring hearing loss. Aldosterone is a hormone that regulates essential salts and blood pressure within the body, as well as helping with keeping potassium and water levels in equilibrium. It is thought that this is why it could also help with hearing loss. Having a good balance of aldosterone within the body is just as important as having enough. Having too much can result in hyperaldosteronism which can lower potassium levels causing problems to that effect. It is also linked to the function of the antidiuretic hormone which regulates the uptake and use of water within the body.

More commonly solved by using a hearing aid or surgery, hearing loss can have a dramatic effect on anyone’s life. Dr Jonathan Wright has looked further into the condition and considered exactly how aldosterone could help those who suffer from the condition. Research carried out into hearing loss in elderly people by the International Center for Hearing and Speech Research generated interest and further understanding into the link between aldosterone and hearing. The study found that hearing levels improved with increased levels of aldosterone, as well as those with acute hearing loss had just half the levels as those with normal hearing.

Low aldosterone levels have also been linked to dizziness, low blood pressure, thirst, dehydration and cravings for salt. It has been found that many people will experience some signs of hearing improvement after only an hour of using the spray. This improvement may continue throughout the day in some people.

Aldo Spray 5ml/10mg, with one spray containing just 125mcg, will last up to 80 uses. It isn’t recommended to use any more than one spray per ear.

6 Responses on “Aldosterone and Hearing Loss”

  1. Janet says:

    How can one purchase this product in Australia?

    • IAS says:

      Please go to our website, and simply follow the online ordering process and you will be able to add aldosterone to your card and then enter your details. Should you have any issues while processing the order please do email us at Thank you.

  2. Ann Page says:

    How do you get IAS to respond to an email. I have sent several and get no response.

    • IAS says:

      Thank you for this comment. I apologize for the delays in getting back to you. We have been quite busy recently and do try and reply to all emails within 48 business hours. I have passed this message onto the Customer Services team and hopefully they will be replying to your email sortly. Thank you.

  3. I want to use this product but I don’t how I’ll get it. Please reply me. Thanks for the great post.

    • IAS says:

      Thank you for contacting us. To order this product please use our online store, should you have any issues with using this please do contact us at Please be aware that we cannot ship this product within the EU. Thank you.

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