Healthy Fruit and Vegetables and Why

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Everyone knows there are foods that should be eaten more of, but do you know the reasons why they are better for you than others? Here’s a quick rundown of some of my favorite fruit and vegetables to helping us stay healthy!
Apples. This fruit is stuffed full of antioxidants, nutrients, fiber and phytochemicals. The peel is also known to have an abundance of triterpenoids, which have anti-cancer potential especially for helping to prevent breast, colon, and liver cancers. By eating these as one of your 5 fruit and vegetables which are recommended to be consumed every day, you will be taking in all sorts of goodness which can help combat lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, weight gain, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.
Carrots. This bright orange vegetable are also full of fiber, which can help lower the bad cholesterol levels within your blood. The amount of beta-carotene they contain almost cannot be beaten by other food stuffs. This can help ward of cancer of the stomach, cervix, uterus and mouth; but also fights against heart disease as a result of the antioxidant capacities. This amount of vitamin A, could well explain the old adage of eating carrots being good for your eyesight, as the retina of your eye needs this essential vitamin to function.
Grapes. About 100 calories of grapes can provide you with more than a quarter of the RDA of vitamins K and C, and the seeds are full of antioxidants. Weight loss, allowing smoother blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and clearing up some causes of Alzheimer’s are all benefits of eating grapes. Improved brain power, protection from skin cancer and radiation are known positives from the high levels of resveratrol found in grapes. Finally diabetes, muscle recovery and decreasing levels of inflammation can all be linked to this wonder product.
Kale. Being low in calories, high in fiber and no fat means it is great for digestive problems. The high iron content promotes good cell growth, liver function and transporting oxygen round the body. High levels of vitamin K will protect against various cancers, and good bone health and stopping blood from clotting. Anti-inflammtory properties as well as being an excellent antioxidant add to the benefits, as well as lowering cholesterol levels, being excellent for the skin and vision, and immune system.
Strawberries. One cup can lead to more than a whole day’s worth of vitamin C. Full of fiber, folate, potassium, and manganese are all other reasons why strawberries should be consumed. High levels of antioxidants – ranked among the top 20 of the most antioxidants per serving -have been linked to cutting the risk of heart attacks in women by up to one-third! Other benefits are dilating arteries and preventing the build-up of plaque. They also fight against free radical damage, reduce inflammation and remove toxins from the brain.

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