Hydrogen in Water May Hold the Key to Many Health Problems and Concerns

IAS News,Videos 18 May 2012 | 1 Comment

According to new research conducted by scientists from across the globe especially those in China and Japan, the answer to many health problems prevalent in our society today may lie in the hydrogen present in the water that we drink.

While we all are well aware of the benefits of drinking water for stronger health and immunity, it’s a little known fact that most of the benefits of water comes from the hydrogen gas present in the water molecule. Aiming to capitalise on the therapeutic potential of hydrogen gas in water, scientists have now created hydrogen rich water to maximize the antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits of water.

This new age water holds the key to treat all sorts of health and appearance complaints from hypertension to diabetes to wrinkles and thinning hair. While hydrogen is naturally present in water, it does not exist in its pure form and from there arise the need to purify and enrich water.

Unlike the traditional electrolysis technique to produce hydrogen rich water, a more recent technique is using magnesium and other minerals to increase the therapeutic potential of water. For more information on the wonders of hydrogen in water read the article.

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