Mediterranean Weed May Hold the Key to New Age Cancer Treatment Drugs

IAS News 30 July 2012 | 0 Comments

Scientists have now found another key to a new age of cancer treatment drugs. A Mediterranean weed, most popularly known as ‘death carrot’ for its known toxicity to sheep and cattle is currently under clinical trials for its potential to identify and kill cancer cells.


Lead by Samuel Denmeade, an oncologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the research team have already spent 15 years creating an analogue of thapsigargin, the active ingredient in the plant, to fight cancer cells exclusively.

While, research is still ongoing for this wonder weed as new age cancer drug, the potential and efficacy of the famous egg plant’s extract as topical skin cancer treatment has already been firmly established through various successful clinical trials, reviews, TV shows and health experts.

For information about egg plant extract and its potential to treat skin cancer, read full article

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