New Clinical Study Demonstrates Telomerase Treatment Delayed Aging and Increased Life Expectancy

IAS News 9 July 2012 | 1 Comment

As everyone knows even the healthiest person ages, no matter what diet or exercise regime is followed, this includes the telomeres in our bodies. Telomeres are the DNA caps which are on every chromosome, and they all shorten from the age of 25. Telomerase is what can be used to add DNA to the ends of these chromosomes, and this is exactly what the supplement TA-65 does.

A recent study by Spanish doctors has found that treatment with an AAV (Adeno Associated Virus) on mouse telomeres has increased life expectancy by up to 24%, without increased risk of cancer, as previously thought. Improvements were seen in levels of osteoporosis, insulin sensitivity, and neuromuscular coordination, but the levels of cancer were the same as if no treatment. These new findings demonstrate the feasibility of anti-aging gene therapy and the possibility of delaying physiological aging and extended longevity in normal mice through a telomerase-based treatment.

The number of papers that have reported there to be a link with long telomeres and cancer are far outnumbered by those that report the opposite. Many of those experiments involved injecting directly into cells, which is now believed to be the cause of the cancer. TA-65 has shown no carcinogenic tendencies despite many trials.

All sorts of reports have come through about what patients have reported back, including improved memory, vision, skin and hair appearance, and a general feeling of higher energy. TA-65 has shown to have not one adverse side effect during the trials and is a naturally occurring molecule from a Chinese herb which has been used for many, many years.

Please see our TA65 product, which comes in two pack sizes 30 tablets and 90 tablets, which can help lengthen your shortening telomeres and keep aging at bay for longer than with just diet and exercise.

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