Oxytocin and its many – surprising – benefits

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Oxytocin has been in the news recently as being able to help not only in committing people into relationships but also in potentially being able to length the relationship, and even helping in sports! Everyone knows oxytocin as the love or cuddle drug, and these studies seem to be confirming this.

Oxytocin and longevity

Researchers in Israel, at the University of Bal-Ilan took time to look into how important this hormone is when considering relationships, and the longevity of such. 60 couples in the 20s, who had been together for up to 3 months were looked into, and interviewed individually. Blood tests were also taken, along with the requisite control samples from 43 singletons. It was found that twice as much oxytocin was present in those in a relationship, and the levels tended to stay the same for the 6 month period after. If the levels of oxytocin had dropped off it tended to mean the couples had broken up.

Oxytocin and commitment

The research into commitment was looked into by Dr Rene Hurlemann, from the University of Bonn, in Germany. 86 healthy men were used in this study and were split into separate groups. Half were given oxytocin and then 45 minutes later were introduced to an attractive women. After receiving instructions to approach the women or allow her to approach them, they were asked when they felt there was a comfortable distance between them. Committed relationship plus oxytocin gave a result of keeping the women at a further distance. The oxytocin had no effect on how close another man was allowed to get before feeling uncomfortable.

Oxytocin and sport

The link between this hormone and competitive sports has also been looked into in recent times, by researchers in The Netherlands at University of Groningen. Scoring a goal followed by exuberant displays from the goal scorer, then led onto the teammates scoring also. This seems to suggest a transference of emotions, although quantifying these changes is difficult due to the fast paced, action packed game! Another study showed that distance runners had higher levels of oxytocin at the end of a marathon. Oxytocin makes it easier to read others emotions and deepens bonds, and perhaps encourages gloating, which is possibly why it helps in so many areas of life.

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