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As many of you know by now, IAS carries a very comprehensive range of peptide bioregulators. These are designed to ensure that particular areas of the body are working to their best ability. For example Professor Khavinson and his team from the St Petersburg Institute of Biogerontology discovered that each organ or gland has a biological reserve, which is set at 42% no matter which area of the body they were looking at! By using peptide bioregulators they were able to act on the gland they were designed for and encourage it to be active and ‘younger’ by activating the DNA responsible for the area.
We have a wide variety of literature regarding this extensive range of peptide bioregulators, including a list of all the main foreign patents, and a list of the main international publications, both which will allow you to get a good idea of exactly how well researched this area of supplements really is. There is also an article talking about how safe the use of peptides really is. Showing how they have been used for many years and in many different circumstances giving out excellent results across the board.
There are also numerous testimonials on our page from customers who have used the products and have been astounded by the results they have seen, including needing less powerful glasses, and having a higher testosterone level. We also have several articles looking into some of our most popular peptides, showing how they were used in clinical studies.
Professor Khavinson who designed and created the range discovered the potential for them gave us a very informative interview regarding his discovery and the potential he believes is possible from using them.
We currently have peptides for the central nervous system, heart, bladder, pineal, adrenals, muscles, prostate, kidneys, cartilage, stomach, pancreas, liver, lungs, testes, thyroid, blood vessels, retina, thymus, and the ovaries. It is sometimes best to combine two or three in order to get the best results; some suggested combinations can be read on our website. There are two different suggestions for courses, one of which is taking the tablet one per day and the other is a more intense course of taking 2 a day for 10 days. The more intense course is designed for those who have a specific problem with the gland or organ being treated, where as the single tablet is more for general improvement.
We currently have an excellent offer of saving 15% when buying 3 boxes of any one peptide in order to get the intense course going.

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