Buttery Flavor of Your Favorite Popcorn Can Give You Alzheimer’s Disease

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In a surprising finding, researchers for the journal, Chemical Research in Toxicology, have found that a flavoring ingredient, diacetyl generally used in snacks, baked foods, and margarines can increase the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

The ingredient diacetyl that gives the food its buttery taste and aroma has been found to a have a structure like B-Amyloid, a cross linked protein that is found in Alzheimer’s disease patients and is regarded as the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

So far, no cure exists for Alzheimer’s disease,

Despite tremendous research and advancements in the field. The disease can be slowed in its early stages with a drug called Cerebrolysin, but prevention is better than cure (or in this case non cure!) the best way toprevent dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease lies in lifestyle choices such as avoiding processed foods, exercise and supplementation with supplements such as Centrophenoxine.

For more information regarding Alzheimer’s disease and its prevention, read articles: Cerebrolysin: a forward thinking way to treat Alzheimer’s disease

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