Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

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Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancers among men in the UK, and the 2nd amongst males in the USA. Due to the very slow progression, symptoms often aren’t noticed until quite late on. One of the first symptoms of prostate cancer that will be noticed is the increase frequency of needing to urinate, and at the same time having problems while urinating and a feeling of not having completely emptied the bladder. They aren’t necessarily signs of definitely having prostate cancer, but they should be checked out.

Age is a major factor for developing prostate cancer, with those over the age of 50 developing the disease most. If you have a close – first degree relative – who was affected by the disease then the chances are slightly higher. Obesity and lack of exercise also holds a degree of increasing chances of suffering. Finally a diet high in calcium may increase the risk. On the other side of the coin, those who eat a diet high in lycopene which is found in tomatoes and other red fruit, or selenium which is found in brazil nuts may decrease their risk.

Treatment will vary from case to case, but often no treatment is necessary. Simply keeping an eye on the cancer to ensure it doesn’t develop into a fast growing cancer is all that is needed. The aim of curing or controlling the disease will be used should treatment be needed; however if the cancer has spread then prolonging life and delaying symptoms is all that can be done. There is presently a 5 year survival rate of over 80%.

Products To Help

IAS carries a range of products that can help keep your prostate healthy including the following:

Libidon. This is the newest prostate product introduced to our range and is one of several peptide bioregulators that we have added this year. This product can increase the maximum speedof uriniation which therefore reduces the number of urinations needed throughout the day – and night.

Prostate Pro. With ingredients including nettle root and pygeum africanum which have been studied and shown to improve prostate conditions, this product is designed specifically with helping to improve the prostate function.

Anastro Pro. This low dose Anastrozole – which is better known for helping with cancer – is designed to inhibit testosterone from converting into estradiol. Elevated levels of this female hormone could lead to a swollen prostate gland, heart attack, stroke and prostate cancer.

DIM Pro 2. Another product that can protect against the increasing levels of estrogen which is found in the environment. Our newest version of DIM Pro contains 100mg of DIM per capsule, as opposed to just 15mg in our previous product.

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  1. Prostate cancer truly becomes common among males in the USA, and thanks for your sharing about those treatments.

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