Quick Guide To Using Pay By Voucher

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How it works?

1. Registering
The first step is to become a member of the Paybyvoucher.com website. Registration is free with no monthly or annual charges levied against your account. Please be aware that Pay By Voucher may request certain documents from you for verification purposes.


To successfully complete registration you have to confirm a One Time Pin (OTP) on the registration confirmation page. This pin will be sent to your mobile phone, so please make sure that you supply a valid mobile phone number.

Important things to remember

You should only set up one account with Pay By Voucher per email address or it causes a flag. If you have trouble, use the Pay By Voucher chat or customer service to get assistance, rather than just try to create a new account.

2. Register your credit card
For security reasons Pay By Voucher require you to register your Credit Card. Once your Credit Card is registered every purchase is directly debited against your card. Once registration is complete, you can start transacting.

Important things to remember

Pay By Voucher comply with the Card Association regulations and your CVV number is not recorded and/or stored on their database. You will have to supply the CVV number every time you make a purchase on Pay By Voucher.

The CVV is the digits on the back of your credit card.


3. Buying vouchers
Create your own value voucher by using the buy vouchers link and entering the value you require and submitting your request

There is also the option to buy one of the pre-set amount vouchers but vouchers must be purchased to the specific value of the transaction otherwise the transaction cannot be successfully processed.

Select a merchant category – it is compulsory to select the type of merchant where the voucher will be redeemed as payment

A 36-bit unique voucher pin will then be sent to your mobile phone or email. Please copy and paste this PIN from Pay By Voucher to antiaging-systems.com. If typed you could make errors and the voucher will not process.

Important things to remember

  • You should redeem vouchers bought from Pay By Voucher under the same name to your own sale on antiaging-systems.com. Mismatches in the name will cause flags and failed transactions.
  • The country of Address and IP of the customer must match to the issuing bank of your card and the address you are using with you.

Purchased vouchers are also viewable in your Pay By Voucher.com account. Once a voucher is successfully redeemed on antiaging-systems.com the voucher will disappear from your account. If a voucher is only partially redeemed, the voucher will remain active in your user account for the remaining available balance.

We hope you find the guide helpful and can successfully process your transaction with us.

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