Reduce cardiovascular events through these tips

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Did you know that your chances of having a cardiovascular event are minimised if you follow these tips:
1. Sleep well and try to maintain good sleep patterns
The work of Dr. Pierpaoli has shown that maintaining good circadian rhythms (the so called day-night cycle) will maintain hormonal cyclicity (regularity of their release) and that in turn maintains strong immunity so you don’t get sick. MZS™ is an excellent supplement to take at bedtime regularly to help normalize your circadian rhythm.

2. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
This means drinking mineral water, because water out of the tap is well known to often have traces of fluoride, chlorine and popular medications; this is because drugs are not removed by the municipal water treatment plants from the sewage water they recycle.
Dr. Gordon’s detox programs using the following supplements: Bio-Energy C™, Beyond Chelation Improved™, Beyond Fiber™ and ZeoGold™ can help reduce many of these body burdens absorbed through the food, water and environmental toxins that we are all exposed to.

3. Don’t smoke and avoid pollutants
Apart from doing the obvious and living as clean as one can, many of the supplements mentioned above and designed by Dr. Gordon can help to reduce and, if used very regularly, eradicate many of these ‘body burdens.’ It’s worth mentioning that saunas (especially infra red ones) are very useful in sweating out many toxins. The supplement Beyond Clean™ can be added to your bathtub to help extract heavy metals like iron, which if over exposed to sunlight are a known cause not only of ‘sunburn’ but skin cancer.

4. Reduce your stress levels and do what you can to relax and unwind
That’s not just yoga and meditation, but walks in the country, boating on the lake, enjoying your favorite hobby. You will know what’s good for you when you do it, just make sure you do it regularly. If you need some help to de-stress, supplements such as Gerovital-H3® and Gamalate® can be Resveratrol, adjuncts.

5. Take aspirin regularly
We recommend the supplement resveratrol instead due to aspirins commonly known problem in thinning blood. Our Resveratrol-Pro™ has 75 mg of trans-resveratrol in each capsule and our own published study has shown that even 45 mg of resveratrol daily can make a significant difference within 4-6 weeks.
Giving blood regularly is also suggested. The American Heart Association show that women up to the age of 60 have half the number of heart attacks as men in their same age groups. What do women do up to the age of 60 that men don’t? That’s right, they give their blood regularly through menstruation- it’s a controversial theory but may be worthy of note.

6. Keep your arteries soft
IAS has shown that supplements that can prevent glycation (protein cross-linking). The best performer was 225 mg of aminoguanidine taken daily, then 300 mg of carnosine daily was also very effective, and naturally improvements can also be seen with supplements such as omega 3 (Krill oil) and arginine (Nitric-Pro™).
The world’s first at-home arterial stiffness monitor is called BioCUFF™. It will not only show your changes in blood pressure and heart rate, but also for the first time ever- changes in your arterial stiffness. For less than $150 this machine can be in your health cupboard at home.

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