Sleep quality is directly linked to diet

IAS News 22 March 2013 | 0 Comments

Everyone knows that not getting enough zzzzz’s can impact on many aspects of daily life: including eating habits, appetite, weight gain and several other metabolic functions, but any connection between diet and how well someone sleeps is a relative unknown. 4,500 people were evaluated, and many links were found between dietary pattern and the amount of sleep.

The study split people into 4 categories, very short sleepers, short sleepers, normal sleepers and long sleepers. The discovery was that normal sleepers had the most variety within their diet, with longer sleepers consuming less calories and carbohydrates, short sleepers ate the most calories but less vitamins and drank less water. Conclusions haven’t been made as yet about these results, but future studies will now have a base line to work.

Eating certain foods are known to both help and hinder a sleeping pattern, such as warm milk or tea which is calming before bed. But did you know that eating cherries is known for improving sleeping duration, due to them containing melatonin? Almonds and spinach, both rich in magnesium, are known for promoting sleep and relaxing muscles.

On the opposing side you shouldn’t have too much caffeine, spicy foods, and even grains and sugars before bed, all of which can delay falling asleep or make it interrupted due to the blood sugar drop off. The connection isn’t only about what you eat but also WHEN you are eating it. Eating when you are ‘suppposed’ to be asleep can have a detrimental effecton your health.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is something that is drummed into us from an early age, but the biological clock inside us all may prefer us to be eating at night and skipping breakfast. As with eating cherries before bed due to the melatonin levels contained in them, why not try taking a supplement to help, Melatonin Zn-Se has been designed to help regulate one’s circadian rhythm, and also ensures a deeper more even night’s rest is gained.

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