Stroke Awareness Month

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May is US stroke awareness month, it was designated this way by President George H W Bush in 1989 at the request of the National Stroke Association. Since then they have run campaigns highlighting different types of strokes that may affect different parts of the community, such as women or those who are at high risk of suffering from a stroke.
A stroke usually occurs when a blood clot blocks an artery, or a blood vessel breaks, which then stops the blood from flowing to a part of the brain. This causes brain cells start to die and brain damage happens. If brain cells die, then any ability which is controlled by that area will be affected or in some cases lost. Small strokes may only cause minor problems such as weakness, but larger strokes may result in paralysis. It is thought that 2/3 people who suffer from strokes will have some form of disability.
There are ways to avoid suffering from a stroke, such as knowing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and keeping them under control. You should also look after problems that may cause circulation complications such as keeping your weight and diet managed, treating any circulation concerns, not smoke, and keeping alcohol consumption down. Controlling diabetes, and keeping an eye out for any arterial fibrillation problems will also keep your risk of suffering from a stroke down.
Age is a major risk factor for suffering from a stroke, after the age of 55, the risk will double for every subsequent decade. Women are also more likely to suffer from one than men – although some of this is because they live longer. It is thought about 55,000 more women a year have strokes than men – however the level of strokes in younger men is higher than women of the same age. Race is also a factor with African Amercians having twice the risk of a stroke as opposed to Caucasians. Family history also plays a part, if a family member has suffered from EVERYONE in the family has a higher risk.
Controlling the risk of suffering from a stroke is vitally important, and this can be done by ensuring you keep your arteries flowing smoothly. The Bio Cuff will allow you to know what condition your arteries are in, allowing you to make any adjustments to your daily life to improve them. Boluoke is an anti-thrombotic, which means it helps prevent the blockages that could cause a heart attack or a stroke. Finally taking Nitric Pro can help keep your blood flowing smoothly, and improve circulation.

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