Sugar and its seemingly toxic affect on health

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Earlier this year 60 minutes, which airs on CBS, produced a report on sugar and the many toxic affects it is having on the bodies of today. According to estimates Americans eat 156 pounds of sugar every year – with suggestions being that not only can it increase weight, it can also encourage conditions such as heart disease and cancer, among many others, to worsen. But is sugar really a toxin, as some physicians have called it?

Sugar and the experts

According to various doctors throughout the segment sugar most definitely is to blame for a vast number of illnesses and diseases that are increasingly common in today’s society. Calories not being a calorie was discussed. Another doctor told how research had shown that sugar feeds cancer cells. Finally another showed how consuming sugar lit up certain parts of the brain linked with the parts that light up when ingesting cocaine. So from this can we say that sugar is both addictive, and cancer causing – and perhaps more calorific than first seems!

Sweet conclusion

This report would really suggest that sugar is indeed a toxin that should be avoided at all costs, and that it can be linked back to many of the plights of those suffering today. But surely everything in moderation comes into this also? If we are able to control the amount of sugars that we intake on a daily / weekly basis, could we not control the amount of damage? The problem here is that too many products in today’s society contain high levels of sugar, and it isn’t really possible to keep track of all of them. Of course there are many naturally occurring sugars that are good for you, as they are combined with antioxidants, vitamins, mineral s and fiber, such as those found in fruit and yoghurt. These are the ones that we should be eating more of, while cutting back on those found in sweet treats such as chocolate and sugary beverages. Tell us your thoughts!

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