Telomere length linked to new illness

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As many of our readers will know telomere length has already been linked to many aspects of human health. Now a link has been found between the pain suffered by those who have fibromyalgia and length of telomeres. A link was also found between the pain sensitivity and altered brain structure – giving rise to suggestions that pain my increase cellular aging.
Cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and several forms of cancer have also been linked to the length of telomeres. And many different things can have an effect on the length, including age, sex, race, socioeconomic status and even the amount of education one has. Smoking, body mass, stress and depression also have a profound effect on the average length of ones telomeres.
Concerning the pain and fibromyalgia case 66 women who suffered from fibromyalgia and 22 who didn’t were compared, and all completed a questionnaire including questions on the Brief Pain Inventory and the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale. Also carried out on 12 of the women with fibromyalgia were quantitive sensory testing and neuroimaging. Once consideration of the difference in age was taken, pain was discovered to have a direct link to the shorter telomere length.
Also looked into was the combination of age and depression. Those who had been categorized as high pain and high depression were found to have telomeres that were 265 base pairs shorter, than those considered as low pain and low depression. This was found to be a difference of about 6 years when looked at chronologically. Another sub link found was that shorter telomeres were related to the volume of the person’s brain.
Further research would be needed to find out why such a link exists, and of course as with many clinical trials the results are open to interpretation. The researchers said that it would be interesting to find out if treatment of the fibromyalgia could stop or slow down the telomere shortening, which would have implications for treatment, and other possible interventions for those suffering from chronic pain.
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