The True Price of Eternal Youth

IAS News 24 September 2013 | 0 Comments

A recent article questioned exactly how much eternal youth may cost someone. The article in the Huffington Post put the price of eternal youth at almost $63,000, which is how much you would have to have pay in order to have your currently healthy cells frozen and kept for use later in life when the cells that have been left behind have started to decline.

The freezing process – the method of eternal youth – is being offered by a french company, Sceil, and is reportedly based on the work of the scientist who won the Nobel Prize in 2012 for working out how cells could be changed into iPS cells, which stands for induced pluripotent stem cells, Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka. This means that they can transform themselves into any cell they are required to. Kept at -180°C, they will wait there until the necessary regenerative medicines have been discovered; which could be many years, although we at IAS think we may have a way of helping cells stay younger than their years, thereby avoiding the need to freeze the cells that we have now.

Our newest range of products is called Peptide Bioregulators, and we now have 13 under this heading. These have been designed by Professor Khavinson, with the Russian government who wanted to help their troops be more efficient and not be affected by either working long hours being exposed to low levels of radiation in submarines or on the front line and being exposed to laser beams.

These peptide bioregulators, work by zoning in on the area you wish to treat – such as the kidneys, liver, retinas, prostate, testes, among others – and rejuvenate the cells to make them more productive, as they were before, during their youth.

The problem with the freezing of the cells is that it is currently very expensive, and many people will be unable to afford it. However the peptide products that we supply cost only $79.99 – $97.49 for the pineal gland – and should you not have any major illnesses or conditions that you are treating, then it is possible that only 2 courses of treatment will be needed throughout the year. Should you wish to take more, or if there is a condition that you wish to target by taking them, then it is possible to take them more regularly.

Learn more about our Peptide Bioregulators by going to our A-Z listing product page.

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